Timber preservation refers to the chemical treatment of timber for durability against fungal decay & attack from insects, such as termites and borers.

 The most popular timber treatment, with the longest & most reliable in service record. Water borne Copper, Chrome & Arsenic compounds are impregnated into the timber under a vacuum/pressure cycle, the timber is held for  a drying period where the chemical 'fixes' within the timber cell walls.

ACQ This process is very similar to CCA, but relies on copper properties as the active constituent. (Alkaline, Copper Quaternary)

H2 (Hazard level 2) For use inside, above ground.
H3 (Hazard level 3) For use outside, above ground.
H4 (Hazard level 4) For use outside, in-ground. (non-structural)
H5 (Hazard level 5) For use outside, in-ground. (structural & contact with fresh water OK)
(this information is intended as a general guide only, for more specific information refer to AS 28458)

Used for general purpose construction largely in outdoor applications, the durability and usability of treated sawn & machine sized pine makes this the most popular building product for many users.
We stock a diverse range of product and have fully machining and re-saw facilities on-site, plus direct manufacture access to other products.

(All product is graded and treated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and backed up with in-house & 3rd party Quality Assurance Programs and testing)

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  • Treatment up-grades to increase customer confidence, or fulfil specific job requirements, is our speciality.
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