F7 / MGP.

F7 graded for appearance and structural properties. This is a visual grading method which relies on adherence to relevant Australian Standards, (particularly AS2858 for softwood, AS2082 for Hardwood), the structural properties of each piece of timber are individually assessed against a predetermined standard, a corresponding grade is then attributed. Design properties are set out in the building code.

MGP mechanically graded for structural properties and appearance. Machine grading uses various processes, (Microwave, Acoustic or M.O.E. bending strength) to assign a strength group to each section of timber. (AS1748)

Structural integrity & visual acceptance is a major factor when selecting timber to meet design and client criteria. Tarmac Queensland have been producing for decades and have had massive involvement with quality assurance development and structural properties evaluation within the industry. Which ever method of grading is used, the strength grade assigned is labeled clearly, with the corresponding Australian Standard and the producing mill identification number. Rigorous in-house structural properties quality assurance procedures are applied as well as third party testing. 

Quality, Diversity, Service

With machining, treatment & drying facilities on-site, Tarmac Qld. is able to provide specific requirements within required timeframes.

  • Sawn Hardwood sections.
  • DAR & Rougher Header finished sizes.
  • LOSP, 'SafeFrame', CCA & ACQ Treated sections available.
  • Sawn treated pine available.
  • Custom sizes & profiles. 
  • Optimised precision docking facility
  • Packs docked to length 
mgp pine
mgp stacks