About Us

The sawmill began operations in the 1950’s. In 1961 the company moved its operations to Wyan in northern New South Wales (adjacent to their present day mill) where they established a diesel powered sawmill. In 1974 they built and commissioned a then “state-of-the-art” electric sawmill at the location where they currently operate.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, due to the declining quality and quantity of the available resource, the company initiated a programme of upgrading their facilities to remain commercially competitive. The Tarmac Group purchased the mill in 2007 and has begun a new phase of operation which will include the expansion of the green saw line and value adding capabilities.In recent years this program has seen significant investments in the following:

  • A log debarking and merchandising line
  • A Vislanda sawline, an Iida planer and associated waste extraction system
  • An additional log loader and forklifts to facilitate handling
  • Upgrades to the logyard and sawn timber storage areas
Sawmill building extensions and construction of a new shed to house the planer and store finished product. As a result of these investments the company now employs 24 permanent staff and provides training opportunities for its employees in the use of high technology equipment. The Company produces a range of green-off-saw products including fencing, landscape, packaging and pallet material as well as a limited quantity of kiln dried and dressed material.

Since the commissioning of the new Vislanda sawline production levels have increased steadily. The company’s sawmilling operation is based on processing small diameter logs (120 mm to 550mm SED) sourced from softwood plantations within the region.