F7 Dressed All Round

F7 graded for appearance and structural properties.

DAR is a smooth machined profiled finish (R3). 

H3 (Hazard level 3) CCA (Lifewood), Tan-E (Ecowood), ACQ (Naturewood) or LOSP (Protim) preservative treated for above-ground use, durable against fungal decay & attack from insects, such as termites & borers.

KD (Kiln Dried) after treatment to a moisture content which ensures a stable section.

Used for general purpose construction largely in outdoor applications, the durability and usability of machine sized pine makes this the most popular building product for many users.
We stock a diverse range of F7 KD DAR H3 sizes, standard sections  are:

  • 42x19 / 70x19 / 90x19 / 140x19 
  • 42x35 / 70x35 / 90x35 / 120x35 / 140x35 / 190x35 
  • 70x45 / 90x45 / 120x45 / 140x45 / 190x45 
  • 240x45 / 290x45

Std. Lengths 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.2 / 4.8 / 5.4 / 6.0 metres

(All product is graded and treated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and backed up with in-house & 3rd party Quality Assurance Programs and testing)

Quality, Diversity, Service

With Machining, treatment & drying facilities on-site, Tarmac SA is able to provide specific requirements within required timeframes.

  • Treatment upgrades to H4 / H5 available on request.
  • MGP10 and F5 Treated KD sections also available.
  • Sawn Treated pine available.
  • Custom sizes & profiles.
  • Optimised precision docking facility.
  • Packs docked to length.