It is important before you start the project that the structure conforms with the local authorities, and engineering requirements.

By following the below simple steps you can create an attractive, long lasting timber project.

All timbers should be treated in their final shape and form to avoid fungal decay and insect attack.

When cutting, notching or drilling has to be carried out to treated timber, the area of timber revelled must be liberally resealed with a suitable in can or brush on end grain preservative to maintain the integrity of the preservation protection.

Rip sawing, thicknessing of treated timber is not permitted as you break the protective treatment, unless the timber is subsequently re-treated by Tarmac SA Pty Ltd

Never place treated timber cut ends into the ground without end sealing. 

Protect your treated timber from weathering by applying a good quality paint or stain which adds as a water repellent and stability overtime.

For more information on treated timber end sealing and weathering protection, please see below guides or contact our technical team member on 08 8295 8356


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