Tarmac supply a range of Shaven and Cambio Posts in H4 CCA or H4 Tanalith-E Ecowood Tinted and Ecowood Green for in-ground use, which durable against fungal decay and attack from insects, such as termites and borers. These posts can be used for general purpose fencing and vineyard applications, this makes the Shaven and Cambio Posts a popular product for in ground use.

We stock a diverse range of Shaven and Cambio Posts.

Standard sizes are:

  • 75-100 / 100-125 / 125-150 / 150-200

Standard lengths are:

  • 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 metres

Tarmac can deliver throughout South Australia, and Victoria, please inquire with our sales staff about farm and vineyard skid off trailer drops.

Quality, Diversity, Service

  • Larger and longer poles available on request.
  • H5 Treatment upgrades.
  • Packs docked to length.
  • Treated Pine Pollards.
  • Pointed Treated Posts.
  • Treated Posts
  • Check out our Ecowood Tinted and Ecowood Green brochure page for more information.
  • Refer to our Installation Guide page for long term protection.

(All product is graded and treated in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and backed up with in-house Quality Assurance Programs and testing)