Wood – The Green Alternative

Tarmac SA. Carbon and Wood.

Chances are, if you are visiting a timber trader website, you already know many of the benefits of building with timber. ‘Planet Ark’ and ‘Wood, Naturally Better’ have joined forces to help put out the word that timber is the best choice for building. You may have seen their recent television commercials highlighting the advantages of building with wood.

Apart from being a warm, malleable building material, with great potential for innovative design, excellent fire properties and insulation efficiencies, wood stores carbon. Talk about ‘Carbon Credits’, wood processing and production uses less energy and leaves a smaller ‘carbon footprint’ than concrete, steel or plastics.

Rebecca Gilling, Planet Ark spokesperson, recently said, “In addition to helping to tackle climate change, responsibly sourced wood is also renewable, durable, versatile and a cost-effective building material,”
“Wood looks beautiful and can bring real warmth and character to building and renovation projects. Most people want to do something about climate change – here is an easy way to help. We should all be thinking about using wood in our home renovations.”

To find out more about the campaign, visit www.makeitwood.org & www.naturallybetter.com.au

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